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Is your bad mood dangerous on the road?

Bad days come and go, but your commute is here to stay. While there are factors throughout your day that impact how you feel about the world and your relationships, you often still need to drive to and from your obligations for the day. For some, getting out on the...

Is risky driving becoming a problem?

Deaths and injuries in car accidents are a major risk to the health and safety of Michigan residents. There are many things that can lead to car accidents, and one of the most common is poor or risky driving behavior. Drivers who are distracted, impaired by substances...

Why is distracted driving so hazardous?

Attention wanders when performing routine tasks, and those who lose concentration while driving could be at risk of daydreaming or otherwise not focusing. Accidents may happen when a Michigan motorist becomes distracted. Even a momentary distraction could lead to a...


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