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4 C’s riders must keep in mind about their motorcycle gear

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2023 | motorcycle crashes |

Before embarking on an adrenaline-packed ride to bask on Michigan’s scenic routes or to simply run quick errands, some motorcyclists tend to test their limits by wearing whatever clothing they want.

However, failure to wear the appropriate protective gear only leaves them more vulnerable than they already are alongside other enclosed vehicles on the road. Fatal crashes involving motorcycles in 2021 reached 171, the highest since 2012.

While wearing gear specifically designed for motorcycling is not the only factor in the equation to avoid potential crash injuries and deaths, it can help reduce the severity of damages.

With minimized risks, riders can avoid costing time, resources, emotional welfare and, perhaps, even their lives. 

Being mindful of what to wear

The state’s Office of Highway Safety Planning asks riders to follow the four C’s when choosing what helmet, boots, gloves, pants and jacket to wear.

  • Covered: To prevent body parts from direct impact
  • Comfortable: To provide ease even during seasonal changes
  • Conspicuous: To display bright colors easily recognizable by other road users
  • Contemporary: To keep up with the times that produce new and more impact-resistant materials

Aside from ensuring that their gear is ready to go, state authorities also remind riders to check their equipment. Through a pre-ride inspection – tires and brakes, oil and fluids, lights and other electrical signals, stands and mirrors, and chassis — riders can avoid technical inconveniences that may lead to potential harm.

Gearing up to keep riding

Motorcyclists can ride safely without compromising the adventurous thrill. But since motorcycle riding requires heightened precaution due to the treacherous paths it often takes, it would be safe to ride in the appropriate style. Unfortunately, sometimes, even the most clothed rider suffers a tragic crash. But a crash should not end their journey then and there. A dedicated legal counsel can work with them day in and out until they receive favorable outcomes. They can guide them toward healing to feel that familiar rush pumping through their veins again.


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