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The most dangerous day for pedestrians is a popular holiday

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2023 | car accidents |

There are many driving hazards associated with different holidays. The summer holidays in the Grand Rapids area often lead to a flood of vehicles on US-131 headed north, and statistically the weekends around those summer holidays are when many drunk driving fatalities occur on this route and others in the area. The winter holidays, especially New Year’s, also witness a noteworthy increase in drunk driving fatalities.

Holiday-related collisions are a tragic reality for hundreds of families each year, including families here in West Michigan. Some of the worst crashes involve a person and a vehicle rather than two vehicles colliding, as pedestrians often incur life-altering or fatal injuries in such crashes.

When is it most dangerous to walk on or cross public roads?

According to a federal analysis of pedestrian crash data, the most dangerous day for people to walk is also the day when there are typically the most pedestrians out in the street, including countless unsupervised minors. Halloween leads to a huge number of young adults out trick-or-treating each year. Regardless of whether a local community encourages trick-or-treating on the weekend nearest to Halloween or on the actual day of the holiday itself, those out in the street will have an elevated risk of getting hit by vehicles and potentially dying.

Parents with children can improve their safety by integrating lights into their Halloween costumes and supervising them when they are in the streets. Reviewing pedestrian safety rules and choosing neighborhoods with less vehicle traffic can also help reduce risk. Adults celebrating at holiday parties may want to remember that intoxicated pedestrians are at elevated risk of getting hurt by vehicles.

Finally, those out on the road on Halloween may want to drive a little more slowly and watch the roads a little more carefully for trick-or-treaters or kids out trying to pull a prank after dark. Those that are aware of seasonal and holiday-related safety trends can take steps to protect themselves, which can help to ensure that holidays remain a time of celebration for all, not a time for grief. Knowing that Halloween is a dangerous day to be on the streets might actually save someone’s life.


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