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How to avoid the 4 most common motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | May 3, 2023 | motorcycle crashes |

Each year, thousands of Michigan residents rely on motorcycles for transportation. Unfortunately, the number of motorcycles on Michigan’s roadways leads to countless accidents. There are some steps that motorcyclists can take to avoid getting involved in the most common types of motorcycle accidents.

A car turning left in front of you

According to studies, the most common cause of motorcycle accidents involves vehicles turning left in front of the motorcyclist. While remaining visible is certainly important, the most effective way to avoid this type of accident is to simply be aware of what nearby cars are doing. Watching the wheels of nearby cars provides good insight into the driver’s direction.

Hitting debris in a curve

The opportunity to ride on winding, curvy roads appeals to many motorcyclists. Unfortunately, these curves create the opportunity for motorcycle accidents, especially when you hit gravel, leaves, or other debris. Taking a safe approach through these winding roads allows you the time you need to react to any debris that’s in your way.

Entering a curve too quickly

While many riders experience the “need for speed,” it’s important to keep your bike at a speed that you can safely handle. Entering a curve too quickly creates several potential issues for motorcyclists. Avoiding this type of accident is easy, as you have full control over how fast you go into any curve.

Getting rear-ended

Even if you commit to avoiding distracted driving, you can’t guarantee that every other driver does the same. Many motorcycle accidents occur when a motorcyclist gets rear-ended by a vehicle. Stopping near the side of the lane instead of in the middle creates a buffer between you and any cars coming up behind you.

Many motorcycle accidents are preventable simply by committing to safe riding. Committing to avoiding distractions, maintaining a safe speed, and being aware of your surroundings allows you to stay safe on the road.


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