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How catastrophic brain injuries can affect daily life

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2023 | Brain Injuries |

Catastrophic brain injuries resulting from car accidents and other mishaps in Michigan can have far-ranging effects on victims. They can even occur when no apparent physical damage has occurred, producing many problems affecting daily function. Victims frequently must adjust their lives permanently.

Common problems after traumatic brain injuries

Communication problems are the most common issues following catastrophic brain injuries. Those who have suffered a stroke or an accident that affects the portion of the brain responsible for speech may have difficulty speaking because of relaxed facial muscles or injury to the part of the brain affecting memory, resulting in aphasia. Others may need to learn how to write again.

Brain injuries can also affect cognition and behavior. Such problems usually develop when the brain’s frontal lobe experiences a localized traumatic blow, sometimes causing extreme shifts in behavior and personality. Extensive learning difficulties can also develop from injuries to this region. Traumatic brain injury victims frequently require daily assistance with activities, even when fully rehabbed. Complete recovery varies among individuals, often with no way to predict what that means.

Taking care of your daily needs

Brain injuries are among the most life-changing events resulting from severe car and commercial truck accidents. Filing a lawsuit for compensation for brain injuries that occur through the negligence of others can help victims with medical and therapy expenses and give them funds to live on while recuperating or permanently if the injury is entirely disabling.

If you have a loved one who has suffered a catastrophic brain injury, you may have to help them gather the information necessary to file the paperwork and go through the lawsuit process. When struggling with memory or communication issues, victims can benefit from a trusted individual to advocate for them.


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