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Causes of motorcycle accidents

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A motorcycle accident could inflict severe injuries, many of which may not result when involved in a vehicle collision. For example, a Michigan motorcyclist may suffer road burns upon hitting and sliding on the asphalt surface. Motorcyclists might face severe head trauma and broken bones when hit by a car, so avoiding accidents seems wise. Knowing the common reasons why motorcycle accidents happen might help those wishing to avoid such incidents.

Motorcycle dangers

Motorcyclists may cause accidents or be the victims of one. Sometimes, all parties involved in the collision share some fault. So, motorcyclists must embrace safe riding practices while maintaining vigilance against reckless drivers. Not committing moving violations could be a good step forward for a safety-conscious motorcyclist.

Speeding and weaving in and out of lanes are dangerous behaviors. A motorcycle might have a powerful engine and be sleekly designed, giving it more maneuverability in congested traffic. Drivers who dismiss traffic laws and caution could suffer the consequences.

Data reveals that motorcyclists deal with front-end collisions more frequently than getting hit from behind. Often, the motorcycle may strike an object, such as a signpost. Driving too fast, suffering distractions and following too closely may lead to such crashes. Motorcyclists who speed on slippery roads may also lose control of their bikes.

Recklessness on the road

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) points out that motorcyclist behavior typically contributes to accident risks. So, motorcyclists who behave recklessly on the road may be at fault for any resulting accidents.

Persons responsible for motorcycle accidents may face legal issues in the aftermath. A lawsuit might request compensation for injuries and losses, and some cases could involve punitive damages.

Liability insurance may cover the losses, depending on the amount the policy provides. Suing the at-fault motorcyclist above the policy’s limits might happen under certain circumstances.


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