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How dangerous is truck driver fatigue?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | truck accidents |

Truck accidents pose serious dangers to everyone on Michigan roads. One of the biggest risks of a crash is truck driver fatigue. These are the reasons why this is so dangerous.

Reasons for truck driver fatigue

There are many reasons why a truck driver might be fatigued while working. Often, it’s due to the extra long hours they put in to deliver a load by a certain time. The trucking industry is regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration , which includes the number of hours truckers should work. Drivers are also entitled to take breaks for meals and rest. However, they often skip breaks and work well past their shifts due to pressure from their employer to push onward.
Fatigue can also be caused by medications, medical conditions and poor sleep.

The effects of fatigue on driving a truck

When a truck driver is fatigued behind the wheel, their ability to make good judgments and safely control the truck are significantly compromised. If the driver begins to nod off, they may not realize that the truck has drifted into the wrong lane until after a deadly truck accident has occurred. Even hitting a guardrail on the road can have serious consequences.

A fatigued trucker can cause an accident that involves just their truck or a multi-vehicle pileup. It depends on the situation on the road at the time. Many trucks travel at odd hours during the night, which means the roads might not be as occupied as during the daytime.

If the truck is carrying cargo and the driver falls asleep, it could lead to a rollover accident, which can result in fatalities to the driver and others unfortunate enough to be in the immediate area.

Truck accidents can have lasting negative consequences. Always remain alert when sharing the road with a truck and use defensive driving tactics.


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