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Factors in truck accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2022 | truck accidents |

In Michigan, the large volume of commercial trucking also means that there is a notable risk of being involved in a truck accident. These accidents are more dangerous because trucks have more mass and energy than cars or SUVs. There are simple ways for truckers to reduce the chances that they get into an accident.

Tips for planning

A trucker’s familiarity with the road is a key asset. It is important to get comfortable with routes and keep using the same routes whenever possible. This will build up a sense of the most potentially dangerous spots, weather and traffic risks and other issues.

Familiarity also speeds up deliveries. If you have to take a new route, it is a good idea to call a supervisor or coordinator at the destination and ask about any hazards like bad road conditions or detours. It’s also critical to keep up with maintenance so that the truck is in the best possible condition.

On the road

As a trucker, you always need to be aware of your surroundings. Keeping a constant eye on all sides will go a long way. Truckers generally follow the law when it comes to driving, but other drivers often speed and can drive erratically, and that can lead to commercial trucking accidents. There is also no shame in using a spotter or getting help when it comes to a tough area, like a tight turn, low bridge, or narrow lane for parking.

The greater force propelling a truck means that truckers have a responsibility to avoid accidents and take every possible measure to minimize the risk to themselves and others.


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