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Strokes can cause catastrophic brain injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2022 | Brain Injuries |

If you have suffered a stroke in Michigan, it may be the cause of your brain injury. This is the type of medical issue that can lead to permanent debility and death. If you or someone near you is having a suspected stroke, you need to call 911. This is one medical emergency that you can’t afford to ignore. The consequences of doing so can be fatal.

A stroke can permanently injure your brain

Strokes are one of the leading causes of catastrophic brain injuries. This is because it occurs due to a blocked blood vessel bursting in the brain. The result can be a lack of oxygen that causes the cells in your brain to begin dying off. This can lead straight to permanent disabilities or the death of your loved one.

It is important to act right away if you suspect a stroke. Without oxygen, brain cells will begin to die off at an alarmingly fast rate. Brain cells can’t be replaced. This means that parts of the body will begin to be affected in a negative manner. Brain injuries of this type can lead to paralysis, loss of speech, and other handicaps.

The most common symptoms of a stroke

A stroke can lead straight to a traumatic brain injury. The best way to prevent this is to know the symptoms in advance. This will allow you to recognize that something is wrong. You can then act quickly to make sure the affected person can get the medical care that they urgently need.

If you see one side of the face drooping, this is a definite symptom. You may also notice extreme weakness or numbness in one arm. If they are slurring their speech, you need to call 911 and arrange for them to get medical help.


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