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Vehicle collisions may result in brain injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2022 | car accidents |

Car accidents may cause far more than damage to a vehicle. The impact may lead to broken bones or worse. Drivers, passengers and pedestrians in Michigan may suffer severe brain injuries. Such injuries could occur even when hit by a vehicle traveling at a low speed. Tragically, many traumatic brain injuries lead to permanent disabilities requiring a lifetime of care.

Motor vehicle collisions and traumatic brain injuries

A driver or passenger’s head could hit the windshield or dashboard in a rear-end accident. Pedestrians hit by a car may land on the ground and suffer head trauma. In many instances, the victim suffers a concussion, a problem that might be more serious than initially realized.

Other victims may find themselves rendered unconscious and experiencing a skull fracture. They might end up in a coma for an unknown period.

In some cases, accident victims might not feel there’s anything seriously wrong with them. However, they may have an undiagnosed traumatic brain injury and a broken neck. Seeing a doctor immediately after an accident could lead to an examination that is far more helpful than any self-diagnosis. Various tests may uncover problems far worse than realized, and getting the correct diagnosis may lead to appropriate care.

The costs of traumatic brain injuries

People who suffer from traumatic brain injuries after motor vehicle accidents might spend significant time in the hospital and also in rehab. Medical bills could pile up. Even those with health insurance might find many costs fall outside of coverage, leaving them in a dire financial situation. Depending on the injury, the victim might require care and assistance for the rest of their lives.

Missing work or being forced to change careers could add further financial consequences. Filing claims for compensation might be an advisable strategy for many victims.


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