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An RV collision can lead to catastrophic injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2022 | car accidents |

As we continue to move deeper into the summer, the roads crisscrossing Michigan will likely get more crowded with large recreational vehicles (RVs). Whether drivers attempt to navigate these large vehicles around busy city streets or fast-moving highways, they often represent an added danger to the smaller passenger vehicles around them.

Drivers of cars, trucks and SUVs are no match for a recreational vehicle in any type of collision. The bigger vehicles often destroy the smaller ones causing catastrophic injuries or even fatalities. Drivers sharing the road with RVs should remember numerous safety tips designed to reduce the possibility of a deadly collision, including:

  • Assume the driver is inexperienced: There might be some clues based on driving behavior, but it is almost impossible to gauge a motorist’s experience level from outside the vehicle. When sharing the road with an RV, it is wise to assume the driver of the huge vehicle is piloting it for the first time.
  • Increase vehicle spacing: For many drivers, this can simply mean increasing the follow distance behind an RV. Ultimately, it can mean avoiding cutting off an RV when passing or driving too closely alongside the large vehicle.
  • Avoid blind spots: Just like an 18-wheeler, an RV has large blind spots both in the rear of the vehicle and along the sides. Drivers of smaller passenger vehicles must be wary of these huge blind spots as the RV could easily attempt to change lanes with a car directly next to it.

An RV might have trouble coming to a complete stop in traffic, misjudge the open space in a lane change or miscalculate a tight corner while turning at a busy intersection. Any of these errors could lead to serious collisions with smaller vehicles on the road. Unfortunately, these crashes often result in severe injuries including brain trauma, broken bones and spinal cord damage.


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