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Truck accident statistics reveal collision dangers

On Behalf of | May 31, 2022 | truck accidents |

Truck accidents happen throughout the year on Michigan roads. Tragically, many fatal accidents are avoidable ones since the driver behaved negligently. Granted, other factors, such as harsh weather conditions, may contribute to a crash. Regardless, accident statistics paint a disturbing picture of collisions involving oversized vehicles.

Frightening truck accident statistics

The vital importance of the trucking industry cannot be overstated. Nearly three-quarters of all goods would not reach America’s stores without commercial trucks. The unfortunate drawback connected to mass trucking transit is the accidents. Sadly, collisions with tractor-trailers occur constantly, and statistics detailing facts about these accidents prove alarming.

As many likely realize, thousands of people lose their lives in fatal traffic accidents each year. They may not know that 74% of ones involving passenger cars comprise the cars colliding with trucks. Upwards of 19% of these crashes occur between noon and 3 PM – lunchtime drive hours, when many working persons cannot avoid commuting.

Mercifully, not every accident involves someone passing away. Many other people suffer injuries from commercial truck accidents. Not every injury is minor, and some injuries could be life-altering. Thankfully, a legal process exists to attempt to recover losses.

The legal aftermath of truck accidents

Any party at fault for someone’s death or injuries may face a personal injury lawsuit. Truck drivers who operate their vehicles recklessly could be held liable for any inflicted harm.

Liability extends beyond moving violations, intoxicated driving, and other typical examples of negligence. Poor maintenance might lead to an accident, and many truck crashes result from tire blowouts. A third party could be responsible for any maintenance-related accidents in some cases.

Civil litigation may not bring a deceased loved one back, but a jury award could cover the enormous medical bills and other expenses. An insurance settlement might do the same and provide an opportunity to avoid a lengthy trial.


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