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Survive a motorcycle accident with these five tips

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2022 | motorcycle crashes |

Residents of Grand Rapids and other parts of Michigan might want to learn more about avoiding motorcycle accidents. As a rider, there are steps that you can take to be safer.

Get noticed by other drivers

By letting other drivers notice you, you can avoid accidents. Wear reflective clothing to help others see you and avoid an accident.

Wear the right gear

The correct equipment protects your body. These include helmets, protective eyewear and footwear, protective clothing for your body and gloves to protect your hands. Gloves should be heavy duty and the right size and fit.

Know how to handle your bike

Learning survival tactics for riding is important and can save your life. If you do get into a motorcycle accidents, knowing how to handle your bike may lead to fewer injuries or less damage to your bike.

Survive a crash through maneuvers

You may need to reduce your speed when approaching impact, choose the right spot to go down, avoid laying your bike on the road and know when to let it go. If you get thrown while on the bike, letting go may save your life.

Never drive under the influence

By driving sober, you will always be alert regarding other drivers. Safety precautions are easier to take when you are completely sober. Research has shown that riders with alcohol in their blood are 40 times more likely to cause accidents.

You can make riding your motorcycle safer for both yourself and other drivers. Follow these tips to better avoid a motorcycle accident and know how to survive one if you do get hit.


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