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Common reasons for truck accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2022 | truck accidents |

The umbrella category of “motor vehicle accidents” includes many collisions, with truck crashes being the most devastating. The results could be disastrous when a tractor-trailer hits a structure, car, or pedestrian. Even a skilled and experienced truck driver might make one mistake and cause a fatality. Several reasons exist for truck accidents, and drivers and their employers should avoid any contributing behaviors.

Reasons why truck accidents occur

Truck drivers aren’t always at fault for collisions, but many of them often cause crashes when they disregard safe driving practices. Speeding ranks as a typical moving violation among drivers, but trucks could present even greater dangers when traveling too fast. It takes more time and distance to stop a speeding truck than a car. Once again, a truck’s mass creates the potential for a disastrous collision.

All drivers might suffer from fatigue, but commercial drivers may be more likely to drive while tired. Long hours, boring routes, or even mild colds could make a driver a little sleepy. Feeling tired could hurt perceptions and reactions, increasing the chances of collisions.

Distracted driving might lead to otherwise avoidable accidents as well. Modern vehicles come with many tech-based potential distractions. Traditional distractions, such as rubbernecking or eating while driving, could also cause problems.

Liability for truck crashes

Some truck accidents happen when a driver is grossly negligent. No one should drive any vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Yet, many drivers will leave a bar and get back into their truck. Others may take stimulants that affect their perceptions. No matter the substance, intoxicated or impaired driving is dangerous.

Road rage and aggression may envelop a driver whose having a bad day. Regardless, tailgating and cutting people off could cause crashes.


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