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Car accidents may lead to common injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2022 | car accidents |

Car collisions could leave the victims suffering from many different injuries. The severity may range, as some accidents may result in minor bruises while others could cause permanent disabilities. Tragically, without a comprehensive examination from a physician, someone involved in a crash on a Michigan highway might not realize how severe a particular injury is.

Injuries and vehicle collisions

Several injury symptoms may manifest after a vehicle collision. Shoulder and neck pain is common, and neck pain might result from a violent whiplash motion. Severe head, shoulder, and neck injuries may happen if the victim hits the windshield or dashboard, but a seatbelt might prevent such harm. However, even when wearing a seat belt, the body could suffer injuries.

Injury symptoms might not appear until some time passes after the accident. Back pain and headaches may manifest in the days following the actual incident. Someone could even walk around with broken bones and not realize it.

Some problems could affect memory and concentration. A person might not sleep well at night or could experience extreme fatigue. Ignoring these symptoms may put the victim at even greater risks since the underlying problem might be worse than imagined.

Treatment and legal steps after a collision

Going to the emergency room or an urgent care facility might be advisable immediately after a car crash. Motor vehicle accidents might not always cause apparent injuries, and a doctor may determine someone is hurt far worse than the victim realizes. Unfortunately, some worry more about the costs of medical care than medical care itself. Filing a liability claim after motor vehicle accidents may solve financial woes.

An insurance or lawsuit settlement might help a victim recover medical expenses and lost income. Some could seek punitive damages based on facts surrounding the crash.


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