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Common causes of commercial truck accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2021 | truck accidents |

Truck drivers have a challenging job that requires many of them to work the maximum allowable hours, which means they are often fatigued at the end of shifts or after having driven several consecutive days. When this is added with other factors that can happen on the road and in transit, the potential for truck accidents is always there due to the sheer volume of tractor-trailers on the highway. Here are some basic common causes associated with most truck accidents in Michigan.

Driver fatigue

A primary common cause of commercial truck accidents is driver fatigue. This usually happens early in a shift or near the end; most drivers are attentive during the middle course of a driving shift. The amount of sleep a driver can get during shutdown time varies too, and many do not get full rest between driving shifts.

Shifted and overweight loads

Another serious problem for both motorists and truck drivers is shifting loads in a trailer or on a flatbed. While flatbed anchoring issues can be caught on inspection, partial trailer loads or overweight trailers can be overlooked issues. Trucks can easily tip over with either, resulting in very dangerous commercial truck accidents that can lead to multi-vehicle involvement.

Another general issue that truck drivers must deal with is driving in bad weather. Winter brings ice and snow to Michigan, and heavy rain is a regular occurrence all year when systems come across the northwestern plane. Wind can be as problematic as snow and rain in some instances when a driver is pulling an empty trailer, and braking distances can be increased significantly with precipitation. Distractions along the way can also contribute, so both truck drivers and others on the road need to be vigilant.


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