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Could road conditions factor into an injury claim?

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2021 | car accidents |

Various factors contribute to car accidents, and some reasons might be more well-known than others. Many people understand the dangers of drunk driving, but they might not realize that distracted and fatigued driving also contributes to fatal crashes. Perhaps even fewer realize the poor road conditions may lead to collisions in Michigan. A vehicle traveling on a neglected or damaged road might find itself dealing with dangerous hazards and an unavoidable crash.

Road conditions lead to chaos

Hitting a pothole at high speeds could be a jarring experience. Sometimes, a pothole might inflict equally unexpected damage, such as a tire blowout. Blowouts, in turn, could lead to a collision when the vehicle spins out of control.

Wheel ruts refer to road damage caused by heavy vehicles that may contribute to potholes and uneven surfaces. If the municipality doesn’t take steps to fix these imperfections, stretches of road could remain hazardous.

Neglect may take other forms, such as not repainting faded lines in the road. When drivers can’t tell where the lines are, they may veer into oncoming traffic. Lines could indicate where the road’s shoulder is, but if the shoulder drops off and is uneven with the street, another dangerous condition exists.

Liabilities and road hazards

Anyone whose negligence contributes to auto accidents could face a civil suit. If the local municipality fails to correct dangerous road conditions promptly, accident victims might be able to file a claim.

Other parties could face liability claims. Vandals who remove or alter road signs may discover their pranks lead to avoidable harm and suffering. A punitive civil judgment could teach them the error of their ways.


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