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Are motorcycles more dangerous to ride than cars?

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2021 | motorcycle crashes |

Riding motorcycles gives residents of Michigan and elsewhere a sense of freedom. Unfortunately, people are more likely to get into an accident while riding them. It’s worth wondering whether motorcycles are more dangerous than driving a car.

Why are motorcycles more dangerous?

Michigan motorcycle accidents are more likely to happen than regular car accidents. This is because of the slim, open design of a motorcycle. There is no enclosure like on cars and larger vehicles, which leaves riders more vulnerable to serious injuries such as traumatic brain injury or even death. Motorcycles have the ability to travel at exceptionally high speeds compared with cars. They can also swerve wildly and may not brake as easily, putting the rider at greater risk.

What should riders do to stay safer on their motorcycles?

While motorcycles are inherently more risky to ride than cars, there are steps that riders can take to be safer on them. Always wearing a helmet is important and can provide better protection in the event of motorcycle accidents in Michigan. A helmet can lower the risk of a fatality from a crash by 37 percent, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

Motorcycles equipped with anti-lock braking systems are safer as they prevent the wheels from abruptly locking. If a lock occurs with the wheels, it can cause a motorcycle to crash and throw the rider. When a motorcycle has an anti-lock braking system, the risk of fatal accidents is reduced.

Traveling at much higher speeds can significantly increase a motorcycle rider’s risk of a serious crash that can result in death. Certain types of motorcycles are capable of reaching speeds that exceed 160 miles per hour, which can be deadly. Those should be avoided and riders should be wiser while riding. Travel only at speeds that are acceptable by following the legal, posted speed limit.

Always be smart while riding your motorcycle. Follow the rules of the road, obey all traffic laws and take safety measures while riding.


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