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Increasing visibility for motorcyclists to prevent motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2021 | motorcycle mccidents |

Motorcyclists love the freedom to enjoy the open road without all of the traditional constraints of an everyday vehicle. Unfortunately, driving a motorcycle is inherently riskier than operating a standard four-door vehicle, which is why it is imperative to understand road safety before hopping on a motorcycle in Michigan. Knowing how to increase visibility for motorcyclists can help prevent motorcycle accidents, severe injuries, and in some cases, even deaths.

Proper gear and attire

To minimize your risk of motorcycle accidents, it is important to dress and accessorize properly with the right clothing and gear before driving a motorcycle. Wear highly visible safety gear that is reflective or bright in color. Choose a motorcycle that is brightly colored or one with designs that can assist other drivers in seeing and spotting you.

Use high beams

Although not recommended for all traditional vehicles, using high beams with a motorcycle can help to prevent motorcycle accidents by ensuring other drivers are able to see you clearly while on the road, even during the daytime.

Avoid lane-splitting and blind spots

A major cause of motorcycle accidents includes motorcyclists attempting to engage in lane-splitting or driving alongside a full-sized car within the same lane. Avoid driving in another’s blind spot and avoid attempting lane-splitting altogether to minimize your risk of being ignored and hit by another vehicle.

Keep your distance and use proper hand signals

Always keep your distance when operating a motorcycle and use hand signals whenever you are turning or switching lanes, even if you believe you are doing so in a desolate or low-traffic area.

Protecting yourself while operating a motorcycle is key to minimizing the risk of being involved in a motorcycle accident. However, if you are in a motorcycle accident, working with a legal team that understands motorcycle risks and accidents in Michigan is advisable for the best outcome possible.


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