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What if I aggravate a pre-existing condition in a car accident?

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2021 | car accidents |

Suffering an injury in a car accident is frightening, frustrating and no fun. It’s even worse if you aggravate a pre-existing injury or condition in a car accident. Maybe you are recovering from a minor orthoscopic knee injury and then are involved in a serious accident where you break your leg and tear your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in your knee. Now, you need another knee surgery, extensive physical therapy and to pay your medical bills for your broken leg too.

Or you have suffered from lower back pain for years, especially after having your children. Now, a vehicle rear-ends you and your back pain is worse than before. You will need surgery and physical therapy to reduce your debilitating pain. How will you pay for these medical costs?

Pre-existing conditions and auto accidents

You likely will file a claim with your insurance provider to cover your medical bills and cover your lost wages after an accident injury. However, you quickly may find that your insurance provider balks at paying your injury costs if you had a pre-existing condition. Your insurance provider may claim that your injury occurred before the crash, not because of it. However, Michigan law mandates that insurers pay for accident injury costs, even if a vehicle crash aggravated a pre-existing condition.

Receiving compensation for your injuries

For maximum compensation for your injuries, you may need help from a personal injury attorney to:

  • gather medical evidence to prove how your injury now is worse because of the accident
  • show that you are following your doctor’s treatment plan to recover
  • review any settlement your insurance company offers (the settlement offer may be too low for the injuries you sustained)

Recovering from an accident injury can be difficult, especially if the accident aggravated an old injury or prior condition. You often have to be proactive to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve so you can best move forward.



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