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Statistics: texting and driving more common and deadly than ever

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2021 | car accidents |

It’s no secret that texting and driving is dangerous. Taking one’s eyes off the road for just a few second to read or respond to a text can cause a significant distance of road to pass without the driver even seeing it. This oftentimes leads to serious and otherwise preventable car accidents.

With this knowledge, federal, state, and local agencies have tried to prioritize safe driving initiatives aimed at raising awareness of and curtailing texting and driving. While these efforts are admirable, the sad truth of the matter is that statistics show that very little, if any progress is being made on this front.

New statistics show continued dangers of texting and driving

Texting and driving is more common and dangerous than ever. Fatal car crashes attributable to distracted driving increase 10% in 2019, and 2020’s figures are likely to follow suit given that this rate has increased over the last several years. While many people, like teenagers, acknowledge the dangers of texting and driving, many choose to engage in this behavior anyway. In fact, one study found that more than a third of teenagers admit to texting and driving despite the fact that 94% are aware of the dangers involved.

The statistics surrounding texting and driving are staggering. One study found that texting and driving equivocates one’s reaction time to an individual who has consumed four beers. Another study found that there are more than 600,000 individuals on the road who are using their cellphone at any given time. Another study found that teenagers who text and drive have been found to spend 10% of their driving time outside of their lanes.

Hold negligent drivers accountable

If these statistics make you angry or worried, you’re certainly not alone. Those who have been injured by a distracted driver can find it difficult to accept their circumstances, especially knowing that the individual who harmed them knowingly acted in a dangerous fashion. That’s why it’s imperative to take legal action to find accountability and recover the compensation you deserve. Hopefully then you can have the resources you need to focus on your recovery while deterring others from driving negligently in a similar fashion to the individual who left you with your damages.


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