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Motor vehicle accidents due to speeding teen drivers on the rise

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2021 | car accidents |

In Michigan and across the United States, daily life has changed markedly with fundamental differences in how people behave when they do venture out. Statistics show that due to the pandemic, there was an uptick in speeding, distracted driving, drivers who were under the influence and overall recklessness. Teens have been especially vulnerable to these temptations. A recent study from the Governors Highway Safety Association and Ford Motor Company Fund says even before the health crisis, teen recklessness has been an ongoing challenge causing motor vehicle accidents with catastrophic injuries and fatalities.

Speeding teens a growing problem across the nation

The GHSA says that between 2015 and 2019, teens and their passengers accounted for 43% of road deaths linked to speeding. That is compared to 30% for people in other age groups. In those five years, there were nearly 5,000 teens and their passengers who died in a speed-related accident. This is not just an issue for the driver and passengers, but an accident can cause serious injuries and death to others who are sharing the road and obeying the traffic laws. The report calculates statistics through 2019, but new research for 2020 indicates that there were more collisions amid the pandemic.

Researchers say that if the teen has passengers in the vehicle, he or she has a greater propensity to drive at excessive speed. One accident that was mentioned as an example occurred in Michigan. Seven teens age 17 to 19 were injured and required hospitalization after a rollover with speeding and night driving believe to have contributed. Parents are advised to encourage teens to maintain safe driving practices including adhering to the speed limit, putting their phone away, wearing seatbelts and driving in daylight. There are also apps that can be installed on cellphones to track how fast a vehicle is going and whether there are instances of hard braking. Vehicle technology can limit how fast a vehicle can go.

Key points to remember after an auto crash

It is unfortunate that even if people are vigilant and conscientious when on the road, an accident can happen at any time. Often, these involve teen drivers who are lacking experience and wisdom to drive safely. Back injuries, brain trauma, broken bones, lost limbs and more can negatively impact a person’s life financially, personally and professionally. A legal filing is often needed to recover a sufficient amount to pay for all that was lost. Having wizened legal assistance can assess the damage, calculate all that was lost and take the necessary steps to file a claim. Consulting with a caring firm can provide guidance and information regarding how to proceed after motor vehicle accidents.



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