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Pedestrian crash still under investigation

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2020 | car accidents |

Car accidents are common. It is an unfortunate fact of life, regardless of where one lives. And, for pedestrians, motor vehicle accidents can be especially problematic as they do not have the protection afforded those inside the vehicle. Luckily, though, these accidents are not always serious or fatal as one recent accident demonstrated on the Northeast side.

The accident

According to Grand Rapids Police Department, the motor vehicle accident occurred around midnight at the intersection of Northeast Fuller Avenue and Leonard Street last night. The details are still murky, but at least one pedestrian and one vehicle were involved in the crash and GRPD stated that the pedestrian, the accident victim did not suffer life threatening injuries.

After the accident

While the details of this Grand Rapids, Michigan, accident have not been released by GRPD, we do know that they are classifying the pedestrian as the accident victim. This means that the pedestrian can likely hold the driver of the vehicle responsible for their injuries, damages and pain and suffering.

And, while the police stated that the victim is expected to be okay, what does okay actually mean? Does this simply mean that the victim will not be permanently disabled? Does it mean that the victim was completely unharmed? The law plans for this, and this is why the victim can hold the driver responsible.

Of course, the victim in this accident was lucky enough to not suffer catastrophic injuries as a result of this pedestrian accident. Others, though, are not so lucky, often suffering severe injuries, even death. This is why our firm provides victims with individual attention, with a focus on clients.


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