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Medical advances are promising for serious injury victims

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2020 | Brain Injuries |

Many catastrophic injury victims feel hopeless at some point. We’ve seen it firsthand. After all, their injuries often strip them of what was once their normal lives, and it oftentimes affects their ability to engage in beloved hobbies and play with their children. As understandable as it is to be frustrated, angry, and even hopeless at times, it’s important to be hopeful in the aftermath of a serious injury.

Medical advances may make your life easier

One way to find hope is to keep an open mind when it comes to advances in medical treatment and rehabilitation. It seems like everyday new technologies and medications are being developed to make life easier for catastrophic injury victims, including those who have suffered a spinal cord injury.

Take, for example, a recent technology that utilizes simultaneous stimulation of motor nerves in both the brain and nerves. There, researchers have discovered that paired stimulation therapy, in conjunction with other types of rehabilitation, may allow some spinal cord injury victims to redevelop their ability to walk. In fact, one person who utilized the technology regained his ability to walk and now only has to use a walker to assist him. This is major news that has an enormous amount of promise.

Fight to keep hope alive

Although technologies like this won’t be widely available for some time, they do demonstrate the quick rate at which science is progressing to better the lives who have had their physical mobility taken from them. But, as you wait for a cost-effective technology to turn your life around, you should do your best to find other things that give you hope. This could be developing your relationships with your loved ones, learning new hobbies, and focusing on other things that give you enjoyment in life.


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