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The worst injuries after an auto accident may not present immediately.

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Car accidents only need a moment to inflict the victims with terrible injuries that can haunt them for life. And sometimes it takes a long time for the full extent of the injury to become apparent.

We don’t need to tell you that lifelong injuries lead to lifelong struggles. What you may not know is that some injuries of this type may not show up immediately, such as:

Back and neck injuries

If you try to tell someone about these kinds of injuries, they are likely to overlook or underestimate the severity of the injury. The body is a fragile thing, and when something like the position of your neck or spine is out of order, it can leave you with severe bodily limitations. Some victims are unable to lift more than 10 pounds or turn their heads more than a few degrees.

Internal organ damage

Like back and neck injuries, it is hard to see these injuries with the naked eye. When a major collision occurs, a fractured bone can splinter and shred internal organs. This can result in punctured lungs or torn muscles. These injuries are a prominent reason to see a doctor after an accident, even if you feel fine.

Traumatic brain injuries

The brain is an extremely delicate organ in your body, and even a slight injury to it can result in dramatic changes to a person. These injuries can result in major memory loss, personality alteration, paralysis and impaired motor skills. Injuries like these are often for life, and cannot be repaired.

Psychological injuries

Psychological injuries can be some of the most dangerous unseen injuries after an accident. It is extremely easy for a victim or their loved ones to overlook these injuries. They can manifest as phobias of driving, PTSD, insomnia, and many other illnesses.

Know the cost of serious injuries

The cost of any personal injury after an auto accident can heavily cost you or a loved one in charges now and in the coming years. You can explore this site further to learn more about car accident injuries, and what you can do after them.


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