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Do I need to take my personal injury claim to trial?

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2020 | car accidents |

Whether a trial is necessary in your particular case depends a lot on the facts at hand and how you want to handle your case. While most people want to recover compensation as quickly as possible after their accident, accepting the first settlement offer made probably isn’t in your best interests. Therefore, you need to carefully analyze your case to figure out the course of action that is right for you. Here’s how an attorney might be able to help.

Accurate assessment of your case’s strengths

Before deciding to accept an offer or go to trial, you need to know the strength of your case. This means that you’ll need to thoroughly vet the evidence that supports your claim, as well as any evidence that might demonstrate that you are at least partially at fault for the accident in question. This might mean taking depositions; obtaining records from law enforcement, medical professionals, and employers; and using statutory and case law to develop compelling arguments.

Competent evaluation of your case’s value

There’s nothing worse than going into settlement negotiations with no clue as to how much your damages are worth. This leaves you highly susceptible to being taken advantage of by the other side. So, you’ll need to meticulously calculate your lost wages, current and future medical expenses, and the monetary value of your pain and suffering. An attorney who is experienced in this area of the law will be able to give you a realistic picture of what your case is worth and how juries have awarded in similar cases.

Know when to risk it and when to play it safe

An attorney can help you realize when the potential rewards of going to trial outweigh the risks. If an attorney thinks that litigating your claim is too risky, then he or she can use certain negotiation strategies to try to get you the best outcome possible.

In the end, though, these cases are about much more than money. They are about reclaiming life and trying to make it as normal as possible. That’s why you need a legal ally on your side who is willing and able to aggressively fight for you.



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