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Survey examines distracted driving on U.S. roads

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2019 | car accidents |

Michigan residents might like to know about a distracted driving study regarding the use of mobile devices while driving. According to the researchers, who worked on behalf of Root Insurance, 47% of those surveyed reported that distracted driving was their biggest safety concern while on the road. However, many respondents also admitted to driving while distracted despite their reservations about the risks.

This is the second year Root Insurance conducted the study. The collected behavioral data indicated that drivers between the ages of 18-24-years-old used their cellphones an average of 20 times for every 100 miles driven. Incentivizing motorists to avoid distracted driving is one way to turn around this dangerous trend, according to Root Insurance.

On average, drivers spent 91 minutes a week using mobile devices while driving. This translates to around 13 minutes each day. However, not all distracted driving involves technology. At least 10% of those surveyed said that they play with pets, change clothes or groom themselves while driving. Additionally, about three in 10 drivers take their hands off the wheel and steer with a different body part when driving.

A car crash that happens due to a driver’s negligence could result in a civil suit. This may allow a victim to recover expenses when serious injuries result from a wreck. Medical expenses, lost wages from time off work and expected future costs related to injuries could all be included in a settlement or judgment amount. Legal counsel may help a victim gather the necessary evidence to obtain a fair settlement.


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