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What to know about the next International Roadcheck

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2018 | truck accidents |

The International Roadcheck is a three-day inspection spree that occurs once a year across North America. Commercial truck drivers and bus drivers in Michigan should know that the next roadcheck will take place from June 5 to June 7 because it applies to them. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, which conducts the event, inspected 63,000 buses and commercial trucks last year; that’s an average of 15 vehicles every minute.

Among those 63,000 drivers, 15,000 were issued out-of-service orders. 80 percent were due to violations of vehicle-related guidelines, such as those regulating cargo securement and cargo weight. 20 percent were due to non-compliance with driver guidelines, with hours-of-service violations being the most frequently cited. The CVSA has stated that hours-of-service compliance is the new focus of this year’s International Roadcheck.

The CVSA President states that this year is the best time for such an emphasis. In December 2017, the U.S. Department of Transportation mandated that all commercial trucks include electronic logging devices, which can track service hours without the danger of manipulation from dishonest drivers.

The mandate has brought hours-of-service regulations in the spotlight, so inspectors will be careful in detecting such violations. The CVSA will be conducting Level I inspections on most rigs; these are the most thorough inspections, as they cover both driver- and vehicle-related compliance.

When a commercial vehicle accident arises because the trucker ignored the hours-of-service guidelines and fell asleep at the wheel, victims benefit from consulting with an experienced personal injury lawyer. Accident attorneys may be ale to assist with the filing by bringing in investigators to prove how the trucker was negligent. They may then handle all negotiations with the other side, taking the case to court if a settlement cannot be agreed upon.


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