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The symptoms of soft tissue injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2018 | car accidents |

Soft tissue refers to muscles, ligaments and tendons. Unfortunately, these non-bony parts of the body can be easily torn, strained, sprained or bruised through sudden, jolting movements of the body. That’s why Michigan drivers who have been in car accidents should know about the symptoms of soft tissue injuries.

It’s important to understand that these injuries are difficult to diagnose and cannot be found on X-rays. Furthermore, the symptoms may appear days after an accident. The most common symptoms, which are aches, pain and swelling, could even be considered too general for doctors to pinpoint their origins.

One well-known form of soft tissue injury is whiplash, which affects the neck tissues. Since the condition is caused by the head jolting backward, victims of rear-end collisions are at a high risk. Whiplash is typified by a burning, tingling and shooting pains in the neck and perhaps the back and shoulders. One may also develop a slipped disc or joint dysfunction in the wake of a rear-end collision. In particularly harsh scenarios, PTSD-like symptoms may emerge in the victim.

Without an auto accident attorney, it can be difficult for victims to convince the insurance companies that they have suffered from soft tissue injuries in the wake of a collision. However, a lawyer could garner the testimony of medical experts and hire third parties to estimate a settlement that may cover past and future medical expenses. After proving the negligence of the other driver with the assistance of investigators, the attorney could also negotiate on the client’s behalf.


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