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Brain injury resulting from car crashes

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The number one cause of traumatic brain injury is automobile accidents. And while these kinds of injuries can be extremely frustrating to recover from, and expensive to treat, many people ignore the signs that something significant has occurred to them.

Example: You are a passenger in a friend’s car. Sitting at an intersection your car is struck from behind by an SUV going 30 mph. The collision causes your head to strike the dashboard area.

People exit their cars to survey the damage. Your head hurts because the force of the collision caused your brain to rock and roll inside your skull. But you don’t feel noticeably bad. You never lost consciousness. There’s a bump, but no bleeding.

You take the day off and recuperate at home. Family members ask how you feel, and you assure them that you’re OK. You don’t realize that something life-changing has happened. You have suffered a significant concussion. There is bleeding in your brain. The connective tissue encasing the brain has been traumatized and torn.

Symptoms of TBI

It can take days or even weeks for symptoms to manifest. You’re not thinking clearly at work. Your head aches. Your eyes don’t focus reliably. Your speech is off, and your hearing is muffled. Family members see that you are not yourself. A week after the accident, you start vomiting.

A little late to see a doctor, but you go. You learn that the accident caused more harm than you thought. In a single moment of collision, your brain – so sensitive, so essential to everything about you — suffered a major attack. Your life has changed, and not for the better.

You are not in an unusual situation. There are tens of thousands of car accident brain injury victims in the U.S. every year.

What we do

At Holmes & Wiseley, we work to help TBI victims adjust to this new life. It will not be easy. You may never be able to work again at the same kind of work. You may suffer from depression and anxiety. You have medical bills that your insurance doesn’t begin to cover.

Doctors will do everything they can for you physically. Our job as your attorney is to see that you have the money to pay for therapy and any adaptations you must now make in your life.



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