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Tire care and commercial trucks

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2023 | truck accidents |

Tractor-trailers are massive vehicles that ride on equally huge wheels and tires. Although the tires can handle a lot of miles on the road, they will reach their expiration point eventually. The tires are not indestructible, either. Michigan truckers and trucking companies must keep a careful eye on their vehicle’s tires since a blowout might cause a crash.

Truck tire problems

Generally, truck tires require replacing every three to six years, depending on several factors. Specific environments could wear down a commercial truck’s tires faster than others. Regardless, keeping an eye on the tires with consistent inspections may provide insights into whether they require replacing.

Keeping tabs on the tires’ air pressure could prevent mishaps. Underinflated tires might wear down faster than would be the case with proper inflation. Too much or too little air increases the chances of a blowout, and blowouts might cause crashes.

Other issues could lead to problems with the tires. Mismatched tires and wheels knocked out of alignment might result in uneven tread wear. If the treads wear out prematurely, the tires with the low treads require replacing. Not replacing tires with worn treads is dangerous, as the truck might lose traction on the road. A commercial truck that can’t stop on slick roads may cause a crash.

Tires and responsibilities

Anyone responsible for the care and maintenance of a semi-truck could be held liable if their negligence leads to an accident. Not all litigation surrounding commercial truck accidents involves moving violations. Ignoring tire maintenance remains the responsibility of drivers and fleet owners. Allowing an unsafe vehicle to travel on the road could open trucking professionals to liability lawsuits if anyone suffers harm.

Drivers typically carry commercial auto insurance policies, and trucking companies may procure general business liability policies. Persons hurt because of accidents caused by a lack of tire care might file claims against such policies.


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