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Some candid words about personal injury wrongful death representation

On Behalf of | May 19, 2020 | fatal accidents |

We don’t mince words at Holmes & Wiseley in stressing on our website that, “Nothing can undo the unexpected and preventable loss of a loved one.”

Family life is understandably turned upside down by such an occurrence. And the tragedy of such an outcome in Michigan or elsewhere is unquestionably magnified by this single fact: Absent some act of third-party negligence, a life would never have been taken.

That is implicit in “wrongful” death, and the catalyst that promotes a legal remedy for affected families seeking closure and pursuing justice for the taking of a precious life.

A legal response can never fully compensate for a preventable loss, of course, but the law does it all it can to provide an avenue allowing for meaningful relief for surviving loved ones in the wake of overwhelming loss.

Many families ultimately find such relief to be invaluable, both over the short term and well into the future. Prevailing against negligence in a wrongful death civil lawsuit can confer broad-based benefits that fundamentally help claimants emotionally, financially and in other ways. Among other things, remedies provide these benefits:

  • Empowerment conferred through being purposefully proactive in the wake of a loss
  • Accountability assigned for wrongful conduct
  • Deterrence of similar behavior in the future
  • Family closure

And those bulleted benefits – as significant as they are – can be materially augmented by maximum compensation that a family can apply to funeral expenses, medical costs, loss of future earnings and more. A meaningful remedy can help safeguard the future.

A compassionate and proven personal injury team will work unstintingly for valued clients to secure all those important benefits and more.

As we note on our firm’s website at Holmes & Wiseley, “Your family deserves no less.”


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