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Quality rehabilitation vital after spinal cord injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2019 | spinal cord injuries |

Serious car crashes or workplace accidents sometimes leave people in Michigan with back injuries. Damage to the spinal cord usually produces lifelong disability. Although medical science cannot cure spinal cord injuries, modern advances have improved life expectancy and quality of life for survivors. The severity of spinal cord damage influences long-term survival, but rehabilitation at facilities specializing in spinal cord injury also promotes longer lives.

Living through the first 24 hours following an accident is critical. For people who do make it through the first day, 85 percent of them are still living a decade later. Death from respiratory illnesses like pneumonia represent the greatest danger for injured people. It is the leading cause of death for all people who have suffered serious spinal cord damage. People who weather the initial difficulties have a good chance of living a life of average length. At 25 years post-accident, the survival rate reaches 60 percent.

Some people recover partial function during the 18 months following the accident as swelling goes down. Even those fortunate enough to experience some physical restoration will likely require a wheelchair, crutches or leg braces to move around for the remainder of their lives. Some victims will need to use a respiratory aid.

Quality medical care and rehabilitation have the potential to help a person who suffered serious back injuries regain a little function and live for decades. Even so, a person’s ability to earn income will likely be limited, and medical expenses will be ongoing. In accidents caused by a negligent party, a financial settlement that represents the long-term need of an individual may be crucial. An attorney knowledgeable about insurance coverage, accident investigations and personal injury litigation may manage the details of pursuing damages. This service might be able to recover adequate compensation from responsible parties.


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