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Dealing With Insurance Companies After a Truck Involved Accident

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2015 | personal injury |

It can be quite a hassle to deal with your insurance company after a truck-involved accident. It can be equally difficult to deal with the insurance company that has insured the person who rammed into your truck. You should understand that taking the ultimate step to contact your insurance company following a truck accident is very crucial in any state. When you fail to contact them, you may end up incurring huge premiums, or they may end up taking a more melodramatic decision against you which may include withdrawing from insuring you. Despite the underlying importance of contacting them after any truck accident, you should proceed to do so after contacting truck accident attorneys to run sufficiently represent you.

You should ensure that the accident attorney you hire has insurmountable experience in handling truck accident cases with insurance companies. Furthermore, they must understand all the trickery employed by insurance companies in an attempt to rip you your claim or deny it in totality. They should not cow but rather summon all their resources and knowledge in ensuring that you receive your full compensation.

When you get injured in truck accidents, it is commonplace for an insurance adjuster to contact you a few days following your injury. He/she seeks to get information regarding the accident. The norm is that they will request to record the conversation between the both of you or record the statement. They will trick you into believing that this session is part of the procedure and can’t be bypassed. However, the attorneys reckon that this is a trickery that might later be used by the insurance company to weaken your case. You are not in any way obligated to give recorded statement. Before deciding to give any statements, you must first of all contact an experienced truck accident lawyer. They will assist you in tackling such questions in a way that does not compromise your insurance claim.

It can take quite a while for the entire inquiry process to be completed because the insurance company will stop at nothing to ensure that the matter has been properly investigated and that they are satisfied with the findings. Essentially, they gather as much evidence as they can which will help in establishing those responsible for the accident and determine whose coverage settles the claim. The insurance company will usually determine the claim amount that you are due. However, the truck accident lawyer will come in handy in negotiating an amount that is in tandem with the losses and suffering that you underwent or are still undergoing, as a result of the accident.

An attorney ensures that you give pertinent issues regarding the accident without being coerced or tricked into admitting fault, recording any statements, signing any documents or even blindly accepting any settlement offers.

There are states in the US that have a doctrine of contributory negligence which means that if you are also to blame for an accident you might be denied compensation for any damages incurred. Therefore, you need to act smart and the only way to do so is to hire truck accident attorneys to fight the battle for you.


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