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There are numerous potential reasons for a truck accident. At Holmes & Wiseley, P.C., our attorneys have significant and varied experience in truck accident cases. We have represented national and multinational truck companies as defendants in addition to decades of experience representing the injured. This means we have unique insight into the causes of truck accidents and the legal details that make the difference in the outcome of a truck accident lawsuit.

Who Is Legally Responsible In A Truck Accident?

Our experienced truck accident lawyers investigate and pursue compensation from all appropriate sources, including:

  • The truck driver
  • The truckload carrier
  • The manufacturer of a defective truck part
  • Your own insurance, if you were involved in a hit-and-run
  • The shipping company or freight forwarder
  • The broker (the logistics company responsible for truck operations)

As a national leader in truck accident cases, Holmes & Wiseley, P.C., has helped to shape the law in this area. We pursue compensation from every source, against whoever was responsible for the accident.

Establishing Truck Driver Fault

Driver fault is the leading cause of truck accidents. Drunk and drugged driving, drowsy driving and distracted driving are all common reasons for truck accidents. In other cases, a mechanical defect or improper freight loading may cause the accident. In some cases, the driver is responsible for loading the freight, but in other cases, the shipping company or freight forwarder loads the freight, making them liable if improper loading causes an accident. Our lawyers leverage their own in-depth legal knowledge of local, national and even international trucking regulations to understand the root cause of an accident.

In addition, Holmes & Wiseley, P.C., has the technological resources to fully investigate your case. We employ top-tier private investigators, and we have a network of medical professionals who can investigate the accident and help determine the exact cause. And because our lawyers have extensive experience in truck accident cases, we know how to get the facts about what happened.

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