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Holding Truck Carriers Responsible After Injury

When failing to follow standard safety procedures results in a devastating truck accident, those responsible can be held legally accountable. Our truck accident lawyers have over 80 years of combined experience maximizing compensation for the injured. In the aftermath of an accident, there usually is a lot of finger-pointing. The driver will attempt to blame anyone else. The carrier may deny legal liability. At Holmes & Wiseley, P.C., we have seen it all, and we know how to fight back and pursue compensation from every source.


Extensive Knowledge Of Truck Accident Causes And Federal Regulations

Holmes & Wiseley, P.C., has represented both injury victims and transportation companies in legal matters involving truck accidents. This experience on both sides means we have unique insight that we can leverage for our clients.

In addition to our extensive experience, we give each client the full resources of the firm. When you work with us, a partner attorney will personally oversee your case and work with you. We also have experienced and professional staff members who can assist you with all aspects of your case.

Our firm also uses the latest technological advances to ensure that we are efficient and effective in gathering information. From an emergency contact system to electronic tools to investigate and analyze information related to your accident and your health, our firm is dedicated to fully maximizing the compensation you obtain.

Common Actions That Lead To Truck Carrier Fault

In our decades of representing the injured, we have seen all types of truck accidents. We have won compensation for our clients in accidents involving:

  • Violating hours-of-service laws. Under federal law, truck drivers are prevented from driving for too long without a break. Failing to follow these regulations can lead to drowsy driving and result in an accident.
  • Unsafe cargo/overloading. This could include unevenly distributing weight, failing to latch down items or overloading a truck past weight limits. Doing so can affect a truck’s ability to stop and turn and may lead to a rollover accident.
  • Other regulatory violations. From storing hazardous waste to ensuring that the undercarriage of a truck meets safety regulations, you can rely on Holmes & Wiseley, P.C., to fully investigate the cause of your accident and explore compliance with federal and state regulations.

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