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March 2015 Archives

Dealing With Insurance Companies After a Truck Involved Accident

It can be quite a hassle to deal with your insurance company after a truck-involved accident. It can be equally difficult to deal with the insurance company that has insured the person who rammed into your truck. You should understand that taking the ultimate step to contact your insurance company following a truck accident is very crucial in any state. When you fail to contact them, you may end up incurring huge premiums, or they may end up taking a more melodramatic decision against you which may include withdrawing from insuring you. Despite the underlying importance of contacting them after any truck accident, you should proceed to do so after contacting truck accident attorneys to run sufficiently represent you.

Arrested for DUI, Now What?

Driving while impaired can have severe consequences especially when you do not know what to do. According to statistics, most people who get arrested for DUI go through many inconveniencing situations simply because they lack the information on the best way to get themselves out of the situation. The truth is that if you are drunk and you are driving, you are committing a serious offense. However, the good news is that despite that, you can always avoid the big punishment if you understand how to find a reliable lawyer. Here are the three most important steps to take immediately you get arrested.

Steps to Settling a Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury law allows the injured person to get compensation for the damages that stems from incidents such as accident and other incidents. Although many people think that personal injury only encompasses physical injuries that can arise from auto accidents, airplane accidents, ATV accidents, bicycle, boat, and construction accidents, personal injuries encompass more than physical injuries. It also encompasses injuries that arise from the use of defective products and wrongful death. If you have lost your loved one or you have incurred accident stemming from accidents, you are entitled to file a personal lawsuit with personal injury lawyers.

How is a Trucking Company Liable for Its Drivers' Actions?

A trucking company is one that owns many commercial trucks and delivers goods across the country. These trucks are driven by qualified drivers. The drives can either be long haul or short haul drives. Normally, the driver delivers the goods on their route without a hitch. However, sometimes the driver can be involved in an accident. This can be caused by the truck driver, another motorist or mechanical problems with the truck that he or she is driving. In case a motorist is involved in an accident with a cargo truck, it is important that they know who to sue. This can be the driver or the trucking company. Some accidents are caused by the driver's actions and others are caused by the negligence of the trucking company. The victims of such accidents can get compensation by filing court cases through truck accident lawyers.


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