Our Mediation Services

Alternative dispute resolution such as mediation can be a valuable tool to reduce the length and expense of legal matters. In Michigan, alternative dispute resolution is required in all civil litigation. Holmes & Wiseley, P.C., mediation services is designed to help parties in a dispute reach a mutually agreeable outcome while saving the time and expense of court. Many times, the deciding factor in assisting both parties in resolving a claim is the effectiveness of a mediator.

Trained And Experienced Mediators

Holmes & Wiseley, P.C., mediation services was formed to help people and organizations create positive outcomes from conflict. A proven method to bring out the best in everyone in the midst of a challenging negotiation is the addition of a trained mediator. An early settlement in a personal injury suit, a new contract between longstanding business partners, a co-parenting plan for a divorcing couple, or a plan to address employee concerns in the workplace with dismissal of an EEOC charge and union grievance are examples of agreements forged with the help of a Holmes & Wiseley, P.C., mediation services.

We have several partner attorneys who are trained mediators with extensive experience in mediation and alternative dispute resolution. Both Michael S. Dantuma and Aaron D. Wiseley have undergone the State Court Administrative Office 40-hour Civil Mediation Training and have previous experience in mediation on a variety of civil litigation matters.

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