Looking To Partner With A High-Powered Trial Law Firm?

Holmes & Wiseley, P.C., accepts referrals based on the "Phoenix Referral System." This system ensures your clients benefit from our experience and resources while you are still able to play a role in the strategy of the case, if desired.

We Get Results

Holmes & Wiseley, P.C., has a remarkable track record of obtaining top-dollar verdicts and settlements for clients. This includes jury verdicts in complicated cases with difficult liability questions; this includes seven-figure jury verdicts in rural regions, where conventional wisdom said "nobody gets big verdicts;" this includes litigating and winning against large, international companies who use some of the very best defense counsel in our profession. Simply put, those factors do not matter to us: we deliver.

You Stay Involved

Via the Phoenix System, referring attorneys are kept actively apprised of the status of the case, receiving progress reports quarterly, or more frequently if desired. A referring attorney also has the option to fully participate and contribute in the strategy and prosecution of the referred case, thus remaining in compliance with the referral requirements for many states.

Nationwide Referrals

We take referrals on a national level. Our attorneys have represented clients in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Louisiana, Georgia, Wyoming and elsewhere.

We have a network of exceptional expert witnesses, and we have the technical and financial resources to prosecute complicated and distinctive cases. Our lawyers can help prepare and try cases anywhere. We have before, and won.


The Phoenix Referral System uses a sliding scale model to better equitably distribute fees, most often resulting you keeping significantly more. In addition, we pay referral fees immediately.

We Welcome Inquiries. Please Call 616-426-9754 To Learn More.

We also respond promptly to emails. Our office is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but we accept cases throughout the country. We look forward to speaking with you about a potential partnership.